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Well, it was everything you would hope for in a Christmas day matchup. LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant, and it lived up to the hype. LeBron finished with 29 Points 8 Boards and 9 Assists to lead the Heat.

Check out ESPN for the highlights if you missed the game. 


By: Eran Fabian

The San Antonio Spurs have yet to lose a playoff game this year. In fact, they haven’t lost a game since April 11th against the Lakers giving them an unreal 20 straight victories. But their run this year has been like a fart on a crowded elevator, everyone knows what’s happening but no one is going to say a word about it. Well, I think it’s time we address the elephant in the room and congratulate the San Antonio Spurs on one of the best post-season runs in NBA history.

Had the Heat, Lakers, or Celtics launched this type of campaign, ESPN, and all the other sports networks out there, would have been abuzz with every stat as we were all forced to watch the replays around the clock. The Spurs on the other hand have gotten about as much airtime as the LPGA. It’s embarrassing.

Tim Duncan is averaging 13.5 points and 11.5 rebounds against OKC in this series.

The problem with the Spurs isn’t star power. It isn’t a lack of tradition. It isn’t a whole lot of things. The problem with the Spurs is that they just aren’t ‘Hollywood’ enough or, in this league, ‘Miami’ enough to make headlines outside of Texas. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker won’t give you the highflying, lightning-fast displays of athleticism you’ll get with the younger teams. They’re a team of old guys who thrive on bank shots and lay-ups. The way the Spurs play, you expect their shorts to be three inches shorter and their hair to be three inches longer.

I love Kevin Durant and I wanted to see him succeed in the playoffs but now, at this point in time, I’m rooting for history. It is not just for the records or trophies but also for the team, for the way they play, for their heart. It’s truly incredible to watch what San Antonio continues to do night in and night out. They’re inspiring and it is a shame that most people won’t even know it happened.

The Spurs didn’t throw some big TV special or make some giant trade. They did it old school. They don’t fight, they don’t talk smack, and they don’t dress like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. They’ve been the same team for longer than just about any other team in history could say and they’re still winning. Kudos to the San Antonio Spurs. I’ll be rooting tonight as the Spurs try to make it 21 in a row.

To paraphrase a great man, “You stay classy, San Antonio.”

The Spurs tip off against the Thunder tonight at 9:00 on TNT.