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Well, it was everything you would hope for in a Christmas day matchup. LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant, and it lived up to the hype. LeBron finished with 29 Points 8 Boards and 9 Assists to lead the Heat.

Check out ESPN for the highlights if you missed the game. 


How long do you think it took him to come up with this gem?

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By: @Sean_Grimm


After the Miami Heat’s LeBron James missed the final shot in regulation last night, sending his team to overtime against the Boston Celtics, everyone knew exactly what was coming on ESPN, Twitter, and Facebook the next day: LeBron isn’t clutch.

Well, that got me thinking and doing some research. I came across this article and it’s pure gold. The statistics are rather eye-opening, especially if you’re a LeBron hater and a Kobe fanatic. Props to the guys over at Liberty Ballers for putting this together, it’s good stuff.  Click the link below to read their analysis.

Read the article here.

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Check out this vicious block on a Paul Pierce floater by LeBron James.  Dwyane Wade would add to the excitement, getting a bucket to go on the fast break with a foul.

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By: @Sean_Grimm

Rajon Rondo says the Heat better gear up for a more physical Celtics squad on Wednesday night.

It should be no surprise that the  Boston Celtics are already running their mouths after Monday’s loss to the Miami Heat in game one of the Eastern Conference Finals. In all fairness, who can blame them?  With an aging nucleus, a bruised and battered supporting cast, head coach Doc Rivers and his players know very well that this may be this roster’s last real shot at a title together.

Talking trash is one thing, but making the bold claim that “they [Miami Heat] have to hit the deck,” is just a little silly. Rajon, may I personally remind you that you stand at just 6’1 and weigh maybe 190 pounds soaking wet? (And that’s being generous)

I think the Celtic’s all-star guard is forgetting what happened when he and Heat star Dwyane Wade “hit the deck” together in last year’s Eastern Conference Semifinals. If you forgot too, you can remind yourself with the video clip found below.

If Kevin Garnett had been the one beating his chest and claiming the Miami Heat would find themselves on the floor often on Wednesday night, that’d be one thing. But the point guard who had his elbow dislocated last year against this same team? C’mon now, Rondo, use some common sense.

Every basketball fan wants this series to at least be close, and without you, that’s something that won’t be possible.

However, the Heat insisted that Rondo’s comments didn’t phase them in the slightest way and claim they will continue worrying about basketball matters only.

“That is not our mentality, to go out and make people hit the deck,” said Wade after practice on Tuesday.

James added he expected to be “put on the deck” and end up at the free-throw line. According to the league MVP, this is nothing new. “I don’t need to prepare for something I already think is going to happen every game.”

In the end, this should make for some great playoff basketball for the remainder of this series, already heated because of the rivalry that has formed between the two franchises over the past few years.  After all, who doesn’t love a little tension and physicality?

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