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By: @Sean_Grimm

Justin Combs and his family as he signs his national letter of intent to play football for UCLA.

The latest buzz in the controversial world of college athletics is whether or not Sean “P-Diddy” Combs’ son, Justin Combs, should accept his athletic scholarship to UCLA to play football for the Bruins.

Combs’ father’s worth is in the hundred millions due to a successful musical and acting career. Many feel as though this means Combs should feel obligated to pass on the scholarship and give the opportunity to someone who “needs” it more.

Attention people who feel that way: shut up.

It’s called an athletic scholarship for a reason. It’s not financial aid; it’s not academic. Combs is getting his ride paid for because of his work on the field and his ability to help UCLA to their goals on the gridiron. His dad’s money has nothing to do with this and shouldn’t.

Plus, this kind of things happens all the time — kids from well-off and privileged families get athletic scholarships every year. You’re just hearing about this case because of Combs’ father’s fame. If anything, the public should be happy for Combs and view his story in a positive light.

As a kid who was probably given anything he wanted growing up from his dad, it probably feels good for him to earn something on his own from his own talent and abilities.

Regardless of who they are, a college athlete worthy of scholarship has put in the dedication and hard work to earn the luxury of having their education paid for. End of story.

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Dear National Media,

As a Florida State fan, I can tell you that we are flattered with your consistency in building us up every year before fall camp even begins. The attention, the hype — it’s cool and quite fun.

But to be honest, falling on our faces is starting to get old. Scratch that, it’s been old for a while now.

Florida State looks to open the season in the top 10 once again. But can they avoid the hiccups that have plagued them over the past decade?

So in this letter, I’m politely asking you to leave us alone and stop with all of the hype.  Why don’t you go somewhere else, like say, Gainesville? Surely Will Muschamp and the Florida Gators wouldn’t mind the attention, right?

For once, I would like to feel that the only direction to go in once the season started was up.  Because every time the only direction to go is down, that’s exactly what happens.

And it happens oh so drastically.

The University of Virginia beat us on our homecoming game last year.  The Wake Forest Demon Deacons have our number. Wake Forest. Wake Forest!

Are we, the Florida State Seminoles, really worthy of all your attention? I don’t know about anyone else, but I say hell no.

For once, please let Jimbo Fisher, EJ Manuel and the rest of this team prove to the world that the Florida State Seminoles are back. Don’t try to beat them to it and proclaim something prematurely.

Don’t you see, when you’re hyped to be “back” every single summer, the only thing you’re getting set up for is disappointment. Ah, disappointment. I’d say that’s an excellent word choice to describe much of the past decade here in Tallahassee, Florida.

Trust me, there is nothing more in this world that myself and the rest of the Seminole fan base would rather see than Manuel and Fisher holding up that crystal ball next January. If it happens, so be it.

But please, for the sake of our sanity, please stop with the hype.

Thanks and Go Noles,

A Florida State Seminole

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