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Number 73

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Golf
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By: Eran Fabian

On Sunday, Tiger Woods found himself standing over a ball he had just launched over the green on the par-3 16th. He still remained a good distance from the dance floor and was facing one of the more difficult shots he has faced in his career. So, what does a guy like Tiger do? He pulls back his club, flops the ball up into the air, lands it on the green, and watches as it rolls ever so smoothly before dropping into the cup. Watch it here.

It gave me chills to watch the man in red pump his fist in celebration, the way I watched him do so many times growing up. It was a shot that could define this 2nd chapter in his career. It was a shot so beautiful and so inspiring that the ‘Golden Bear’ himself called it, “The most unbelievable, gusty shot I’ve ever seen.” Tiger, after recording a birdie on that hole, went on to finish -5 for the day and -9 for the tournament, winning by two strokes. This victory gave Tiger the 73rd of his career, tying Jack Nicklaus for 2nd most all-time behind Sam Sneed (82).

Tiger Woods is presented with the trophy by Jack Nicklaus. The two are now tied for 2nd most wins all time (73).

It is far too early to tell if Tiger is fully back. There is no way for us to know if we will get the Tiger Woods of 2000 when he won the US Open by 10 strokes or the Tiger Woods of 2010 that we watched implode on himself time and time again. Quite frankly, I don’t expect much and I don’t think most people expect him to go into one of the hardest tournaments in golf and come waltzing out with a 6 stroke lead to win.

All we can hope is that Tiger shows us flashes of who he used to be. He can’t be expected to resume his old form. The cold-blooded Tiger who closed out tournaments like Marino Rivera is gone and this sometimes amazing, sometimes disastrous Tiger is whom we now have. But one thing is still true, when he is hitting his shots, there is nothing more breathtaking than watching Tiger at work.

Tiger Woods will play in the US Open in San Francisco June 11th – June 17th.

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