Do the Miami Heat still have a chance?

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Miami Sports, NBA
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Does Miami have a chance? As a Heat fan I would sure like to think so.

Winning the first 2 games the Heat looked in control of this series early. To be honest I thought the Celtics would be lucky to win 2 games in this series, I really thought 1 was more likely. The Heat just seemed far and away the better team.

So what happened? Good question.

The Heat went to Boston and started digging themselves in holes early, to the tune of 18 points. Its tough to beat a good team like Boston, but  it is even tougher when you dig yourself a hole that big. The Heat who sometimes struggle with stagnant offensive fell into that same groove. They are not a jump shooting team, that is simply not the way they are built. Doc Rivers would throw a zone defense at the Heat and they simply have not been able to beat that in the 2 years that this team has been put together. The zone makes you take jump shots and prevents the drive to the basket which is what the Heat have relied on.

So what happens next?

Well I think the Heat respond. Great teams can overcome adversity. Going into a win or go home game in Boston I expect LeBron James to take over this game. I think it takes a 40 point 15 rebound game to set the tone and get the job done on the road.

No excuses, as the great Al Davis once said “Just Win Baby!”


By: JP Ross


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